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Developer | GCT | Class-21 | Placement Representative 17-2021 | Vice President LDS


Sakthi Prasath is a student of Information Technology at Government College of Technology, Coimbatore (Ranked 38th on Perception - NIRF 2020). A consistent academic performer, he has interests in Data Structures, Operating Systems and Algorithms. He backs his academic pursuits with a competitive streak exemplified by commendable performances in competitive coding platforms such as GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank and HackerEarth..

  • HSC with 94.4%
  • SSLC with 94.8%


Ardor to experience working with team of mixed colors, inorder to develope myself and supporting the organizations for further development where my work sounds more than others.


As an Budding Software Engineer with basic knowledge in full stack development.Front-End development with Html,Css and JavaScript, Business Logics with Java and Finally Back-End development with RDBMS.


Dyanamic and Proactive individual, Sakthi has set a benchmark levaraging his Skills


Placement Representative for the Year 2021.

Vice-President Of Literary and Debating Society GCT


Winner - Pitch Fest-2017.


Awarded title prowess orator by ITA-18.


Active member of Literary and Debating Society-GCT


Certified by IIT-Kharagpur in Java Programming and more


Attending Live course Data Science offered by IBM-Courseera.


In the era of Industy - 4.0, he has been a prominent techsavvy.


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Government College of Technology

Sakthi currently pursuing B.Tech degree under specification Information Technology with CGPA upto 5th sem : 7.78

Though the Score in Higher studies is sounds lesser, Sakthi never left to Score in Core Subjects!

  • 9/10 on Data Structures and Algorithms
  • 9/10 on Programming in C
  • 9/10 on NPTEL Course- Programming in JAVA

Karthick Vidhya Mandhir Matric Hr,sec School

Sakthi Successfully completed his Higher Secondary with 94.44%


  • 99% on Chemistry
  • 97% on Physics
  • 92% on Mathematics

Vivekanandha Vidhyalaya Matric School

Sakthi Successfully completed his Higher Secondary with 94.8%


  • 99% on Mathematics
  • 97% on Science
  • 97% on Social Science

Course and Certification

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Certified by IIT-Kharagpur(NPTEL) in Programming Java with 90%

Certified by IBM through Coursera in Data Science specialization course - what is Data Science? with 100%

Certified by The Hong Kong University with Honor Badge through Coursera, Completed the FrontEnd Course with 100%!

Certified by University of Michelin through Coursera in Introduction to Structured Query Language with 100%

Certified by UC SanDiego University through Coursera in Data Structures

Certified by HackerRank in Problem Solving(Basics)&Java(Basics) and Holding Gold Badge in 'Problem Solving','30-days of Coding' and '10-days of JS'



Projects are always a Testament in Showcasing the Creativity,Innovation and Interest

Save Fishermen

Objective Hardware device to locate the fishermen and alert once they are crossing the boundary. Device is designed with alarm and GPS for tracking the location, Model of Hardware device is proposed.

Team Size of 4-Members grouped together from various department Hardware used GPS and Alarm Duration 4-Months. Appreciated as best project by PitchFest pannel of judges

Bio - Ditector

Objective of the Hardware device is to find the amount of Organophosphate pesticide present in fruits and vegetables using bio-sensor which is fed with properties of fruits and vegetables without any oganophosphate pesticides.

Team Size of 6-Members grouped together and made a solution. Hardware used is optical Bio-sensor. Status of the project : the design has been submitted for review

SDN - Loadbalancer

Objective of the Software program written is to regulate the traffic in network following algorithms like closed loop control theory and allocate server for the request under certain Algorithm basis.

Team Size 4-Members of Information Technology department grouped together and guided by staff. Language in which the software programmed is python Status of the project : current and Live - final year Project

Web - Development

As a Part of Information Technology Developers Association of Government College of Technology, Developed a website for Technical symposium conducted by Information technology Association.

Team Size 3-Members grouped together and guided by staff members. Languageused for developing the website are HTML CSS JavaScript additionally added with Bootstrap. Status of the project is : Deployed online Link : GCT-IT

Website Courses

Websites designed and the codes were uploaded in the Github platform.

During the Course User Interface Framework design using Bootstrap - 4, as a part of Course Assignment Developed the FrontEnd website (Restaurant - dishes and chef details) using Bootstrap - 4 which completely responsive for both Computers and Mobile Phones.Github link : Click

During the Server-side development using Node-Js Course, as a part of course Assignment developed the Back-end of website using Express Framework, which includes authentication,session management and cookies. Github link : Click


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